The Holy Will of God - Source of Peace and Happiness


I would like to make a special offer to all, our Offer of the Month. As we begin 2017, I think this book would be an excellent resource to have on hand, like a late New Year’s resolution! I would like to send you, as my way of thanking you for your tax-deductible donation of $35 or more, The Holy Will of God - Source of Peace and Happiness, by Fr. Leo Pyzalski, C.SS.R. Yes, with your donation of $35 or more, I will send this book to you absolutely FREE, as my way of thanking you for your kind gift to St. Joseph’s Workers.

The Holy Will of God is meant to help us determine what God’s will really is; why we should conform our wills to His and see in this conformity our greatest good – for, like it or not, we do have to live with God's holy will anyway. This book brings great solace!

Father Leo Pyzalski, C.SS.R., originally published The Holy Will of God in 1947 through Holy Legion Office, Illinois. He maintained that any type of perfection or sanctity that is not closely related to the will of God is superficial, doubtful, and illusionary. He also stressed the fact that true devotion is always the result of continual prayer and earnest perseverance. Father Pyzalski’s The Holy Will of God received the Nihil Obstat, Imprimatur, and Imprimi Potest upon publication, the latter declaration being given a year before. The book was reprinted by TAN Books in 1991.

To obtain your copy of The Holy Will of God, simply clicking below and donate online. Or mail in your cheque payable to St. Joseph's Workers to the address listed below. Start off 2017 by learning and understanding more about God’s will in our lives with this book. Hurry and send in your tax-deductible gift. I will send out your copy of The Holy Will of God very shortly!
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